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We are a licensed trailer manufacture that specializes in Custom Airboat Trailers. All trailers come with a VIN number stamped in the frame and a certificate of origin that makes registering it a breeze! 

 There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing a Airboat trailer. Take a look at all the details listed on our trailers below, then compare our details with ANY other Airboat trailer on the market. From the price to our attention to detail and craftsmanship, we are by far the best choice on the market! 

Standard Features On All Trailers

1600 lb Winch with a adjustable free standing Aluminum winch stand (others use as little as a 1100 lb winch and most use a galvanized winch mount)

1500 lb Dual wheel Swivel Jack (others use as little as 1000 lb and some of those don't even swivel back!)

LED Light system including 2- 6"oval chrome bezel low profile tail lights , 2 chrome bezel amber marker lights, 2 chrome bezel red marker lights, fender mounted tag light for motorcycle tag. 

ALL electrical connections are double heat shrunk using 3m connectors. For a trouble free light system.

Heavy Duty Diamond plate fenders with carpet covered backs.

 Diamond plate aluminum steps in front of the fenders

Galvanized torsion axle with posi lube spindles, 3,500 lb, 22 1/2 degree drop (4").

Galvanized Wheels with 205/75/D14 Arisun tires

Complete frame is bolted together with stainless steel hardware. 

Outside Frame is 4 1/2" 6061 Aluminum I beam ran for the full length of the trailer. It is double bent for a secure tongue mount. They are then pressed and bolted together using 3- 1/2" bolts (others will bring the I beam to a "V" then use a single bolt through it. To make it even worse most manufactures will stop the I beams short and stick a bunch of tongue out, just to save a few bucks.. )

5- 2" x 4" Aluminum Cross members (2-3 more then most other trailers, which more evenly distributes the weight on the trailer and ALSO supports the bottom of your boat!)

3" x 4" Aluminum double wall tongue (most other trailers use a 3" square galvanized steel)

1 1/2" x 1 1/2" Aluminum fully adjustable side guides with 2x6 guide bunks.

ALL bunk boards are full length, spanning all 5 cross members then bolted on with counter sunk Stainless steel hardware.. (NO Lag bolts to work loose like on other trailers)

All Boards covered in a high quality thick marine grade carpet. (Surprising what some use)

All fasteners including the U bolts are Stainless Steel with washers on both sides and nylon insert lock nuts.. (some others don't even use washers)

When your comparing trailers remember that galvanized steel components are 1/2 the cost of aluminum ones, galvanized bolts are 1/4 the cost of stainless steel bolts. The down side to using galvanized steel against aluminum is galvanic corrosion.

 These are not mass produced trailers, assembled by people who don't care. We are a small, attention to detail oriented shop where these trailers are built with pride, one at a time with the best of everything!  


Standard single axle trailer to fit up to 16' long by up to 8' wide hull $2,350

Standard tandem axle trailer to fit up to 16' long by up to 8' wide hull $3,000 

Please call for a quote on hulls over 16' in length.

Below you will see the option pricing. To get a total just add the cost of the options you want to the standard trailer price listed above.

Option Pricing

Aluminum Wheels

To upgrade the trailer to Aluminum Wheels is $75 per wheel. We have several different styles to choose from, all at the same cost. 

Spare Tire With Aluminum Mount

A galvanized spare tire/wheel with the standard all aluminum mount is $100

A matching aluminum spare tire/wheel with the standard all aluminum mount is $150

We also offer a spindle mount spare. This mount incorporates a spare hub. It is a additional $85 to the prices above.

Stoltz Rollers

These are the finest rollers on the market. They are self lubricating for years of trouble free use.

They are $35 ea no matter where you want them. Just multiply the amount of rollers you want by $35 to get a total.

Stainless Steel Fenders

These fenders will look good for a long time. They are 16 gauge polished stainless steel.

This option for a single axle trailer is a additional $150. 

Please call for a quote on tandem axle stainless steel fenders

Fulton Jack and Winch

Fulton products are very nice and high quality but they are pricey..

To upgrade to the Fulton F2 jack is a additional $150

To upgrade to the Fulton F2 2000lb winch is a additional $125

Plastic Covered Bunk Boards

This 1/8" thick plastic is super slick and a perfect option for boats with poly that do a lot of dry loading and unloading. It is super durable for years of trouble free use. This option is $100 per trailer. 

Heavy Duty I Beam

We use a 4 1/2" I beam standard but for the people that want a really heavy duty trailer we offer a 5 1/2" I beam option. With this option we up size the I beams to 5 1/2" with 5" C channel cross members. This option is a additional $250

Diamond Plate Decking

With this option we can deck part or all of the trailer. The price varies depending on the size of the trailer and how much you want decked. Please call for a quote on this option.

Extended Front Steps

 For those that want a larger front step we have the extended front step option. This option extends our standard step by 20" and includes a 2nd marker light. This option is a additional $75 per trailer. 

Reverse Lights

LED center light with reverse lights. This option is really nice when backing up at night. This option is $75 and comes plug and play complete. No extra wiring or switches needed. It automatically comes on when you swift into reverse.

Want something you don't see?

Feel free to contact us for a quote on any option you can dream up. 

Want to see more pictures of our work?

 Here is a link to our photo album full of pictures of Airboat trailers we've built.https://goo.gl/photos/8HkFV6zC8rgVqXrQ6 



  1. What is the turn around time? It only takes us a few days to build one but on average we run around 2 weeks out from order date to completion. . 
  2. How much of a deposit do you require down to get started? We do not require ANYTHING down. We still do business the old fashion way. Your word that you will complete the purchase when the trailer is finished is all that we require!
  3. What measurements do you need to get started? Most of the time we just need to know the manufacture and the advertised length and width. 

Have More Questions?

Feel free to give us a call at 352-428-9626 or email us at AirboatStuff@gmail.com